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Diploma in Computer Engineering is a course designed for students who wish to opt for a computer science course after class 10th studies. Computer science is the systematic study of algorithmic methods to represent and map information, including their theory, design, implementation, application and efficiency. The course provides a basic understanding of computer science, engineering concepts and mathematical techniques. It helps students acquire skills and knowledge to become an IT professional in future in the field of Software, Hardware and Networking. Diploma in Computer Engineering is the combination of theoretical and practical concepts and finds its implementation in IT firm, communication sector, research and development, medical field etc.

Course Details

Engineering Diploma - COMPUTER ENGINEERING

Number of Seats - 60

Duration - 3 Years

Job Role: Developer, Programmer, Technical Assistant, Network engineer, Database administrator, Software testing engineer, IT support engineer, Communication engineer, system analyst etc

Opportunities: Software industries, IT companies, Railway, Airlines, Manufacturing Industries, Process industries, Military Engineering service, Power stations, Central and State Govt. Departments.


To contribute to the welfare of society by empowering students with the latest Skills, tools, and technologies in the field of Computer Engineering through Excellence in education.


>To provide an excellent academic environment for continuous improvement in the domain knowledge of Computer Engineering to solve real-world problems.
> To impart education to students with innovation and research.
> To strengthen links with industry through partnership and elaborative development work.


Objective 1 :Our graduates will apply their knowledge and skills to succeed in their careers and/or obtain advanced degrees

Objective 2 :Our graduates will behave ethically and responsibly and will remain informed and involved as full participants in their profession and society.

Objective 3 :Our graduates will creatively solve problems, communicate effectively, and successfully function in diverse and inclusive multi-disciplinary teams.

Objective 4 :Our graduates will apply principles and practices of computing grounded in mathematics and science to successfully complete hardware and/or software-related engineering projects to meet customer business objectives and/or productively engage in research.

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