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Diploma in Polymer Technology is a diploma level course. Polymer Technology or Macromolecular Science is the subfield of materials science concerned with polymers, primarily synthetic polymers such as plastics. The field of polymer science includes researchers in multiple disciplines including chemistry, physics, and engineering. The course includes chemistry, physics, chemical engineering and biochemistry. Polymer science is the study of the materials of everyday life and the development of new materials that meet societal and technological needs. Course structure introduces the students to Polymers that are usually manufactured in the form of fibres, yarns, flakes and granules. The course is career orienting in nature that provides many jobs after its completion.

Job Role:

Synthetic Polymer Chemist, Lab Technician - Polymer Specialty, Polymer Technician, Materials Engineer (Polymer), Materials Scientist (Polymer), Senior Polymer Researcher, Process Engineer, Polymer Sort Technician, Senior Technical Sales Support Specialist, Demonstrator, Lab assistant, quality controller, etc.


Apollo, MRF, Tolins, CEAT, Plastic industries, Chemical Industries, Rubber Industries, Central and State Govt. Departments.


The Department of Polymer Technology shall constantly strive to be renowned for producing students who are intellectually and technically equipped with well-defined knowledge, skills and ethics, who are creative thinkers, inspiring leaders and contributing citizens.


> Enhancing the collaborative partnership between Industry and Institute for commercializing and transferring the latest technological know-how towards societal development.


Objective 1 :Key Positions in Industry: Students will demonstrate the facility to occupy key positions in the industries in India and abroad in the sundry areas of Polymer Processing, Polymer Material, Manufacturing and Development, Process, Product and Implement Design. They will demonstrate competency to perpetuate professional development through self-learning and higher inculcation.

Objective 2 :Entrepreneurship abilities: The Students will capable to demonstrate the entrepreneurship abilities.

Objective 3 :Practice Profession in Ethical Manner: The Students will demonstrate sensitivity in practicing the profession in an ethical, socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Objective 4 :Communication Skills and Working in Multidisciplinary Teams: The Students will demonstrate effective communication skill, and will be able to dexterously work in multi- disciplinary as well as multicultural teams and to inculcate culture of professionalism, ethical conduct, team work with good communication skills to enable the students to be successful in their career.

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